Philosophical Edutainment

Philosophy not only allows us to understand the world more holistically, but also touches on the interior regions of the human soul, and, for this reason, can bring great pleasure and also enrich one’s life.


The experience of our philosophical world tries to bring you the basic issues of human life not only closer, but also provides a variety of “philosophy to touch.”  In the exhibition you will find over 70 of our philosophical models in chronological order. However, since not every visitor is interested in the entire history of philosophy, we also offer thematic orders to the main questions  of life:


Who am I? 

      What is the World? 

      What are Love and Happiness?

      What is Meaning? 



But you can also follow your intuition and stroll through the exhibition and sense which philosophical models are particularly intriguing to you. More information, including prices for admission, guided tours, overnight stays etc. on request


Pommritz has its own train station and is constantly accessible by the regional train from Dresden, Görlitz or Bautzen.


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